Making the most of it all

Scripture Reading: Genesis 21:14-21

Hagar is an example of a modern day mother. She was a single mom who had the worry and stress of caring for her new born baby. After being poorly treated by her master, Sarah, she is sent away to make it on her own. She did not ask for the trouble she faced. She was dealt a bad hand. Sometimes life happens and there is nothing we can do about it. The issue is not the hand we are dealt, but what we do with what we have been given. Too often we wallow in our misery and play the victim. We use the fact that we are a victim as an excuse to treat others badly, have a bad attitude, and sit and do nothing with our lives. This is not the reaction that God desires from us. He wants us to make the most of our lives. He wants us to get over it and move on. Don’t waste your life by allowing yourself to be a victim. Get up on your feet and rise above your circumstances and do something with your life. The key is to trust in God’s provision and to do our very best with whatever life brings to us. As we do this, God will bless, provide, and He will be glorified.

What is God saying to me: Life may have treated you harshly. Things may have not gone as planned. But, it’s okay. You don’t have to stay there. Look to Me and I will help you to make the most of it all.

What should I do today: Stop dwelling on how bad I have it and start making the most of it all.


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